Vale Club Groups

Co-Chairs: MaryJo Ricci ( / Kim Stackman (
The Activities Chairs organize a variety of field trips and classes throughout the year which are open to all Vale Club members. Often Club members may invite guests. Additional information will be in the newsletter.
Art Meet Up
Co-chairs:  Anna Willard (, Marjorie Sharer (
The Vale Schoolhouse Art Society meets Wednesday’s from 12-3. Artists and artisans bring their own work and gather to create art in the Vale Schoolhouse.  All artists welcome from beginners to experts. 
Book Clubs
Morning Book Club
Chairs:  Diane Wakeham(
Morning Book Club meets on the third Tuesday morning of the month. Members take turns hosting.  See the calendar for specific books.
Afternoon Book Club 
Chair:Chris Leichtweis(
Afternoon Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:30.  Members take turns hosting. See the calendar for monthly book discussions.
Evening Book Club 
Chair:Liz Nguyen (
Evening Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30.  Members take turns hosting.

Contact: Julie McGraw (
Bridge meets Thursday mornings, rotating among the homes of members. This Group is reasonably experienced and those wishing to join need to be familiar with standard bidding conventions and play the ones adopted by the group for consistency (we will teach you!).
Chair:  Carol Kelly (
Bunco started as a Fundraiser & Social evening in 2011.  It is a one-time annual event.  Everyone wanted to “do it again,” so 2018’s Bunco Night will be the 8th annual! Typically held in October after the 2nd Vale Club Meeting, it has served as a fun evening for new and longtime members to enjoy time together, while raising a little money for our treasury. Thanks to Lindsey Iacovino, Peggy Brummond and Darea McCormick who have steadfastly supported this effort.  Bunco has traditionally been held at Carol Kelly’s house.  Participation is limited to the first 40 members signing up and the cost in 2018 is $25 per member.  Everyone attending is asked to bring an appetizer or dessert and a bottle of wine!
Coffee Meet Up
Chair:  Diana Durbin(
We meet up once month at the Oakton Chesapeake Cafe at 2952 Chain Bridge Road across from Oakton Shopping Center.  The purpose is to see your old friends and make new ones.  We meet at 10 to 12 for coffee, tea and bagels.  We normally have between 8 and 18 ladies from the Vale Club participating.  You can drop in any time between 10 am and Noon.   It is a wonderful way to make new friends in a smaller environment on a more personal level.  There is no set date, the day is changed each month for the ladies various schedules. I put the date of the meeting out on an email a few days ahead so READ your Vale club emails. If you have questions please don’t email Patti Trottier but email me or phone me at 703-620-0535
Hope to see you there.
Culinary Escapes
CoChairs:  Diana Pinkham ( & Lindsey Iacovino (
Culinary Escapes luncheons are open to all Vale Club members and are scheduled four times a year.  The focus this year is to highlight both local restaurants and a couple special destination venues within reasonable driving distance.  The goal is to provide a delightful social experience and a sampling of some of the area’s best cuisine.
Dinner with Friends
Chair:  Gail Magnani( and Lori Trumble(
Details are being worked out.

Fall Fair
Chair:  Pam Guffain( and Rita Perre-Davis(
Hiking Group
Contact: Robin Thurman(, Amy Joyce ( and Trish Strat( to be added to the Hiking Group email list.
Hiking is an informal group that meets about twice a month. Information about the dates, times, hike difficulty, and what to bring, is sent out to the Group’s email list before each hike. This is a wonderful way to get to know people, get some exercise, and explore our fantastic local parks.
Margaret’s Garden
Chair:  Gisela Allen (
The garden – located on the Fox Mill Road side of the schoolhouse is maintained by a few Vale Club members but all are welcome.  The garden is cleaned and prepared for winter in the Fall and cleaned and prepared again in Spring.  There is no specific dates – all weather dependent.  The garden is then maintained throughout the growing season.

Michelle Fisher(, Rebecca Pick(, Janye Young( and Angie Gallagher(

Meredith Haines( and Lee Ellis(
Contact chairs for weekly play in the fall and the spring.

Travel Dialogue
Contact: Trecia Buster(
Do you dream of traveling the world or have you already started to fulfill your travel fantasies? If so, you will want to check out this Group, which has also organized a few long-distance outings. Dates and times are found either in the Vale club newsletter or announced via Vale Club email.
Wine Tasting Groups
Wine Tasting One
Chair: Jenny Sutton(
Two couples plan each evening of wine tasting.  The hosts provide cheeses, grapes, crackers and bread. The cost is shared.  The group compares and contrasts the wine selections. Gatherings are limited to twelve couples. The group has a substitute list.  Members and substitutes participate at the Christmas and end of year vineyard gatherings.
Wine Tasting Too
Co-Chairs: Kim Stackman ( and Jennifer Skangos(
Wine Tasting Too members take turns planning and hosting events in their homes, the Schoolhouse or other locations. All members bring appetizers and wine-drinkers share in the cost of the wine. About 30 or 40 members and guests attend each event.