Dinner With Friends

You are invited to join Dinner With Friends:

2019-2020 will mark the second year of the newly revised dining club, Dinner with Friends:

It's easy to participate, rules for this group is as follows:
  • There are no “members”, per se. Any Vale Club member in good standing may participate. 
  • Approximately six weeks before the event, a general email will be sent detailing the menu. When the RSVPs are tallied, the dinner “Chair” will divide the participants into groups. Each participating couple will receive a recipe assignment, along with information regarding their assignment to a host.
  • The creator of any given menu will act as the “Chair” for that event:   RSVPs will go to her. She will coordinate the hosting houses and assignments for that one dinner. At the time of the RSVP, please indicate if you would be willing to host. The “easiest” assignment goes to the hosting couple. The “Chair” of an individual dinner will also act as Wine Steward for that one evening. We will aim for 4 couples per home, but anticipate that sometimes there may be some homes with fewer. The menus are created around 8 people; therefore, if a single guest would like to participate, we encourage them to secure a partner. If that’s not possible, we will try to pair people up. 
  • There will be no hard copy book. All recipes and assignment will be executed via email.
  • Calculating the cost for the meal will be divided equally.
  • Because of the logistics involved, PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE RSVP CUT-OFF DATE. Once you have committed to a dinner, you WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF YOUR PART OF THE DINNER. If you cannot make it, you must secure your own sub. (Need not be a Vale Club member for a sub). These guidelines have worked well for Wine Tasting Too, so many of you will be accustomed to this procedure.
  • The focus of the menu will be more on the dining experience itself, e.g. lingering at a table when dinner is winding down, while a lively discussion continues. 
Any questions please feel free to contact either Gail (evanwill@cox.net) or Merrily (merrilymck@comcast.net)