Wine Tasting Too

We generally have 6 member-hosted wine tastings per Vale Club “year”. Consequently, each couple hosts once every four years or so, on average. Every member is required to host on a regular rotation. Wine glasses will be provided by Wine Tasting, Too. 
COST: We try to keep the cost between $22.00 & $25.00 per person. The cost for each person is based 100% on the amount spent by the host on wine, divided by the number of people who are scheduled to attend a wine tasting. 
RSVP POLICY: The wine is purchased based on how many people have said they will attend. Therefore, you must RSVP if you plan to attend a wine tasting event. If you have RSVP’d “yes” but do not show up, or do not inform the host that you are unable to attend by the deadline date (to be announced for each tasting) you will be responsible for your portion of the evening’s wine. (You will be informed how much you owe and to whom you should 
send your payment.) This is the fairest way to handle the finances for reimbursing the hosting couple for their expenses. 
WINES: A theme for the evening is encouraged but not mandatory. Examples of themes include wines from one particular country or region or a selection of wines from a particular variety of grape made in different countries, your favorites, etc,,. We sometimes start with a sparkling wine and have 2 whites and 3 reds or 3 whites and 2 reds. 

New members welcome, contact Penny or Kim if  you'd like to join the group.